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Psychedelic Sunset

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Rhythmic hymns and sunset dance,

The mystic beats in a velvet trance,

Seers of the primal civilization,

Merrying around in the fuming passion.

Swaying and swinging wild,

In the dusks of the autumn child,

Consciousness of the farthest mile,

In the cult of young and alive.

Shadows in the black waters,

Of lights and liberty towers,

Reflections of the last revolution,

Force of the rippling emotions.

The songs of love and freedom,

The smokes of war and rebellion,

The dreams of the cosmic highs,

The shining nights of you and I.

Emancipated in the lost world,

In the void of temporal and eternal,

In the union of the earth and skies,

We entered the realm of the wise...


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