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The Arriving Train

I was lying in the grass as the raindrops rolled along my arms,

The reflection of my eyes darkened their lustrous charm,

The rolling droplets ushered the mind into a timeless sojourn,

And the thoughts delved deep into the realm of the unknown...

Suddenly my ears sensed the reverberations of the cool air,

My transcendence was teleported back to the reality here,

And the mind got alert in apprehension of the arriving train,

Curious to observe the travellers in the early morning rain...

The forever entwined compressing and rarefying waves,

Hustled through the autumn breeze and grey metallic rails,

The shrillness of sound grew louder in the flow of time,

As the smoking engine whistled its way into the valley sublime...

The engine screetched to a halt amid a frictional assault,

The travellers alighted like hopping sparrows of country side,

There were ecstasies of reunions and musings of lost love,

Stories of journey gone by and aspirations of new ones...

The paths from station diverged across the cotton fields,

Vanishing into tiny villages on cusp of the ivory horizon,

The valley of the far land was home to a few and retreat for some,

A lullaby for the old folks and motivation for the young...

The crowd was dispersing in the rains of rhythm and chime,

Leaving little marks on the eternal canvas of space and time,

While watching the mingling of individuals into a higher reality,

I, the observer, witnessed the manifestation of singularity...


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