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The Fleeing Robber Blues

The robber was running down the old way,

Like a horse in the wildfire galloping away,

Cops of the land were chasing like hunters,

Willing to kill before the prey surrenders....


The hunt was down the far countryside,

In the green valley of the river wild,

Where the sun would set before the dusk,

And the nights of fear would last long...


Carrying a bounty in its full splendour,

The robber played his tricks of trade,

Through months, years, and decades,

To the authorities’ despair and wonder...


But now the robber would have to pay,

For the sinister acts of loot and plunder,

The assaults and the gruesome murders,

So thought the army of uniformed hunters...


Taking positions to shoot the target so brute,

The men spread across while on the move,

The gunshots echoed in the hills of paradise,

As bullets dashed into the chill of the night...


A scream erupted amid the deepening chaos,

The shrillness wandering away far and wide...

And then the shockwaves shook the creation,

When an explosion occurred near the horizon...


Blood spilled out flowing like a stream,

When the robber tried to feel his knee...

His left leg was too numb with pain,

Any forceful effort to move went in vain...


With no one to help and no ability to move,

The robber turned around and stole a glance...

He’d always win the game of blood and chance,

But now it might be the end of his dark romance...


As the cops were about to take the final shot,

A flash suddenly beamed from over the hill top,

It kept approaching the scene of the bloodshed,

Before revealing the bearer with a calm head...


The bullet that hit the robber was mine,

And I deserve the bounty to the last dime,

If you honour the rule of the land,

Arrest, don’t kill the guilty of the motherland.


Thus spoke the brave bounty hunter,

Who once had been a wanted offender,

But had repented and surrendered,

The day a child was mistakenly murdered...


So the robber again survived the fatal fight,

Only to be prisoned for a foreseeable time,

But he vowed to become the saviour of lives,

Once he is set free in a midsummer’s night...















































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