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The Ballad of a Spy

Snow on the grass was melting away,

In the warm influence of her bare skin...

Exchanging the lame frigidity around,

With the profound intensity within...

As the chill flowed up her spine,

She shivered in a piercing pain,

Moving her feet in rapid motions,

To avoid the kiss of the freezing land...

A fence of cedar was her shelter in war,

In the winter of the snowy hinterland,

Where weather gods were ferocious,

And the enemy was all over the farm...

Dressed up in various shades of night,

She was well camouflaged from sights,

Which were not only the human eyes,

But also sniper rifles and infrared lights...

The day was gloomy under the grey skies,

Figures invisible but death lurking beside,

The coziness of life in her old countryside,

Inspired her to fight her way back that night...

She waited for the sun to say goodbye,

And then for the darkness to intensify,

For it'd usher her towards a hidden path,

Too dangerous to tread in the daylight...

She must cross the border in the next hour,

As the military was behind her like wildfire,

They had killed her compatriots on the run,

Who had assasinated the ruler of this rogue nation...

One wrong step could blow up mines,

Another could trigger automatic guns,

The margin to manuevre was too thin,

And hardly any cover to hide or run...

The flashes colored the southern skies,

The brightness revealed the disguised,

Such wartime tactics were used at nights,

To discover the movements on border side...

Hallucination flashed before her eyes,

As imagery of a pretty wandering child,

Playing around with the lilies in white,

Amid the debris, dead and the kites...

No sooner did she go into the trance,

Than she regained her senses and calm,

Preparing herself for the sprint of faith,

To cover 2 miles in the shadows of death...

A scream coaxed her from deep within,

That jolted her firm resolve of escaping,

She shuddered in the dark hours of night,

Wondering if that child had lent her voice...

"In the land of the enemy I stand tall,
Spying amidst threats and all odds,
In bringing glory to my dear nation,
I will die rather than run over the wall..."

A wave of comfort swept across her mind,

The fear had abjured reasons of accession,

As if the winter had turned into autumn,

And the physical pain into the summer rain...

She aimed the rifle towards the troopers,

Who were meandering few yards from her,

Hoping to incur final blows before she dies,

She pulled the trigger for one last time...

Gambling in the game of life and death,

She fired towards the human silhouettes,

Observing the flash and the falling bodies,

She kept moving beyond the call of duty...

Just then she felt her senses fading away,

As the violent night turned into a sunlit day,

& the battlefield into a boulevard of shades,

Lined with trees in reverance to the brave...

Shaken by her own timeless transience,

She saw her statue in a war memorial,

Still as a stone and proud as a warrior,

Wrapped with wreaths as badges of honour !!


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