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Beasts of the Winter Night

Waiting for the summer to set,

Autumn appeared ever so red.

When the love bloomed in the paradise,

Beasts of the night prepared to rise.

Swaying in the valleys deep,

The roses kissed the autumn leaves.

When love was the only desire,

Beasts of the night were fanning the fire.

Wondrous was that hazy winter,

Walloping like a mighty splinter.

But when dusk took away the light,

The moment beckoned the beasts of the night.

Gliding away in the winter nights,

Soaked in blood when the world was high,

Whizzing, whining, roaring, riding,

Beasts of the night were peckish & wild.

In that December of the frozen winds,

The days were cold and the nights were grim.

The wrath razed the muted grasslands,

While the beasts faded in the galactic expanse!


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