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Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Is reality an illusion or is illusion a reality?

To explore the answers to this question great works of philosophies immersed in quantum physics have been written. The answers appear to build up on the horizons of our cognition, or to put simply they appear counter intuitive. However, we can comprehend the conundrum of reality through a minimalist approach and in the capacity of a naïve. After all, seeking is reality, or a quasi reality!

So here we summarize reality in 3 points -

1. Raw Reality - through the informants

The life as we experience is just what our 5 sense organs convey to us. These organs are -

  1. Eyes - which see.

  2. Ears - which hear.

  3. Nose - which sniff.

  4. Mouth - which taste.

  5. Skin - which senses the touch.

Now, suppose that we didn't have these 5 sense organs! What would happen?

This world would not exist for us. There would be no views, no sound, no fragrance, no taste, and no pleasure or pain. There would be no emotions, social interactions, and relationships. Perhaps we would live in an alternate reality. Hence, our worldly experience is just the action based on processing of information that our senses convey, and through which we forge relationships, families, societies, states, and nations.

So, reality, as we feel it, is actually a perceived reality driven by our sense organs.

This, however, is just the raw form of reality!

2. Value Added Reality - through religion and science

Throughout our existence we have almost held religion as supreme. Religion as a concept was the brainchild of our collective emotions of fears, worries, hopes, aspirations, and love. The concept of God as the essence of religion was based on scriptures, stories, beliefs, faiths, and the eternal quest for a better future. In God, a perceived perfect reality, we find solace, peace, and confidence, which inspire and motivate us to face the life's challenges. Religion, in its purest form, humbles us.

However, religion has always been at war with science. The only reason is that science accepts those concepts as true, which reconcile hypotheses, observations, experimentations and mathematical representations. Science has given us gadgets, tools, machines, and technologies that has made our lives better, worthwhile, and beautiful.

So reality wise how can we make sense of science and religion?

Science adorns and enhances our existence while religion, only if practised in its purest form, keeps us grounded. In effect, reality is enriched and life is redefined.

This reality is a value added form of reality!

3. Complex Reality - through EAVs

The experiences of our life journeys collectively form memories.

The apprehensions of the future give rise to fear.

Envisioning the future gives rise to ideas, innovations and disruptions.

Experiences, apprehensions, and visions (EAVs) are the Lego bricks, which build and shape our lives. These EAVs lead us to continual cycles of action and reaction. These cycles mould our physical and mental health and can either make us successful or lead us to failure.

So, how does EAVs make sense reality wise?

EAVs reside in the mind. They are the ultimate differentiators - differentiating not only humans from animals but also one human from another. EAVs thus define our lives in this world and make each of us a character in this grand arena of perceived reality.

This version is the most complex form of reality!

So is reality an illusion?

Reality is perceived and not absolute. Whether it is an illusion is to be explored further.

Is illusion a reality?

Illusion can lie within the realm of perceived reality. Whether it is a reality is out of bounds since reality itself is a perceived one!!


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