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Unchained Ride...

The road of the golden farm,

Waving in the winds of charm,

Yearning for the eclipsed love,

In the timelessness of horizon.

The drift into the infinite space,

The flare into the realm of skies,

The retreat of the silent pines,

Resurrect the moments lost in time.

The fields part ways in the dusk,

The drive leaps into the wild musk,

The unrelenting forests of the night,

Usher us into the creational light.

Wilderness embraces the long ride,

With the promise of a deep insight,

Where darkness will be the light,

Of freedom in the midsummer night.

A fearless ride in the primal realism,

Opens the doors of unchained vision,

We'll be free from the times gone by,

And leap into the universal skies.

An autumn was castaway,

A winter died in woods,

A summer of sombriety,

Lost in the drying brooks...


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