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Tryst with Aurora Polaris

Awakened were you one night,

By events of a random plight,

Cursed by the zeroth hour,

And the songs of the midnight...

On the highest peak of a mountain,

You met your worst anticipations,

The weirdest dreams you ever had,

Were now dreading your convictions...

40 yards on the Western edge,

Was the end of the mortal fright,

Where the cosmic rays of creation,

Manifested in the green Aurora light...

The magnetism of the North pole,

Basked in a wondrous dual might,

The power to attract the quantum,

And the attraction of the polar light...

You sauntered to the cryptic edge,

Staring into the white old crescent,

Wondering about the melting limits,

Of dreams, reality, and life's essence...

You were drenched in sweat,

Not wanting to look down,

Was it the anxiety of height,

Or the fear of an unknown sight?

You turn around to run fast, very fast,

Unable to bear the burden of fear,

Yearning to return to your cozy past,

Only to witness that it never was!

The space in which you existed,

The time that created memories,

Had collapsed into a union of none,

And only future was what you had,

To resurrect from zero to one...


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