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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

When I look back in time, I realize that time never existed for me. I was here, just here, all the while when the world thought I had been flying. Mine is not a fairytale - nor is it a love story.

It's a wonderful story of a miraculous, glorious, mysterious and spellbounding cosmic journey that has mesmerized generations.

Time 0 - the 0th moment, was the moment of creation, the Bigbang, when the space and time popped up from nothingness.

Nothingness is a complete void - no space, no time, no creation of any sort...well almost.

It was 13.8 billion years ago.

As far as my memory goes, I condensed into existence when the universe had cooled down a bit - when the universe had enough density to hold me and enough might to control me.

That was 13 billion years ago - yes 13 billion years ago. That is how old I am - for you!

Space and time, the children of Bigbang, are my older siblings. They have been so intricately close to each other, emotionally and physically, since the beginning that they are considered as one spacetime, together occupying the 4 dimensions that define our universe. All your realities, imaginations and dreams are confined in these 4 dimensions. Your past, present and future exists in them. If anything ever be considered closest to God, it should be spacetime.

So from my birth onwards, I have been on an eternal journey - a journey that has witnessed the destructions and the creations - the melting galaxies, the imploding stars, the shining supernovas, the evaporating blackholes, the nebula forming the stars, the stars forming the elements, and the elements forming the humankind.


I have been too generous in narrating my story, which has perplexed even the most accomplished. I have even taken the liberty to describe timelines. Why am I even talking about time?

Perhaps so that you can understand what I am saying. The time I have been talking about is from your perspective. But this is my story and it's high time that I talk about my version of time - or of no time!

I travel at lightspeed - 300000 km/s.

Howsoever fast it may be, the clocks just don't tick for me. The sands of time remain still. I only travel in space - not in time!

Weird beyond imagination is my saga. I am as young today as in the 0th moment. And I am as old today as I'll be on the day the universe collapses.

When I touch you, you see me, when I don't you can't.

When you try to find me I'll be here, when you don't I'll be everywhere.

Foraying through the tree tops,

Dancing on my sweet will,

I illuminated the tender ground,

The day the world stood still!

The eccentricity of my extraordinary life makes me who I am - the photon - a light particle. And this mystic of yours would never stop its quest to reach the grey horizon of the universe - and beyond, some day when your world would have become unrecognizable!

And yes, you are right - my age is 0.


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