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Lightyears up in the cosmic sky,

Where dreams converge,

& pleasures unite,

A surrealism is born,

In a cataclysmic night.

Where the forces act,

In an eternal game,

A game of love,

& a game of hate.

Pulling astray,

& pushing away.

When the whirlwinds chime,

The gravities rhyme,

The gases churn,

& the dusts whine...

A mystic melody forms,

In a creation divine.

The rotating fire,

The furious belly,

The fusing nuclei,

& the fields of plasma...

So born are the elements...

The life bearers,

& the enchanting enigma.

A few miles in time...

A planet whisks out,

Roving away to its destiny,

In a grand design of galactic mutiny.

Eons into time...

Rising up from our slumber,

Rarely wondering at the wonder,

Unaware of our origin,

We emabrace our lives sublime...


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