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of Circles & Stars

Once upon a time on a pretty island somewhere in the Pacific, there used to live 2 humans. One was Mat and the other Chem. They were preoccupied with their jobs most of the time.

One fine Saturday, they met in a park while strolling. The beautiful oak leaves were swirling around in the breezy winter morning.

The natural ambience brimming with freshness enamoured them to indulge in casual discussions on life.

Mat - Life has come a full circle. Look how life is defined by Maths 🤭
Chem - Life is all about chemical elements present in our cells - the life factories.
Mat - Yes, but even there the proportion of elements matters. See maths? 😉
Chem - The elements in our body all came from the stars - the huge furnaces. We too are from stars! 🤩
Mat - What keeps stars from exploding? Isn't it the balancing act of equal and opposite forces? Those of gravity against pressure of hot core gases? 1-1 = 0 = hydrostatic equilibrium?
Chem - What about human mind which is such a powerful force in itself? Where is the Maths involved?

Mat - Mind is nothing but a complex number. A combination of a real (brain) and an imaginary (memory) entity.
Chem - Can you prove it? 🤓
Mat - Now you're also talking mathematically. 🙃 But mind is just one of the solutions of an infinite set. This solution ensures that we are conscious enough to survive in this world. The other solutions can only be described in other dimensions. Perhaps in a parallel world someone else might be as mindful as us.🤓
Chem - The medicines which you take on doctor's suggestion are all chemicals.
Mat - Yes, but have you seen the shapes of tablets? Circular, oval, cylindrical etc. They are geometrically perfect. Why are they not just randomly shaped?
Chem - 🤔🤔
Mat - It's just to ensure that these pills are optimally swallowed and digested. Moreover, the manufacturing process too becomes more efficient.
Chem - Hmm. But what about our emotions? They are neural responses to the circumstances. Neurotransmitters are pure chemicals. So emotions are chemicals in action.

Mat - Yes they are. Agree. But why do the emotions always exist in pairs? Happiness-sadness (or boredom maybe), gloom-ecstasy, anger-pleasure, and so on. The evenness of emotions makes our mood stable overall. Look how Maths is always working in the background to make our life fulfilling!😎
Moreover, why do people look more beautiful when they smile? Because a smiling face is closer to the dimensions of the Golden Ratio - Maths at its glamorous best.😍
Chem - 😍🥸. Yes. But wherever there is life there is Chemistry. Wherever there is no life even there is Chemistry.
Mat - Yes agree. Just add afterlife to that. Maths would be there too!!🕺🕺


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