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Dusk and the Moondance

The dusk grinned with a sullen sigh,

As the day sauntered away,

And the night leaned from the horizon,

Looking to swathe the solemn sun.

The tides in the sea were high,

Like the monsters off the leash,

With the moon looming large,

There were huge tremors of anguish.

The sandy shores were ever quiet,

Daring to face the roaring tides,

The full moon was frightening,

And its white shadows,

Silently wriggled through the faint twilight.

As the scarlet sky turned grey,

And the cold winds forayed,

A forlorn shack on the empty island,

Reminisced the voice it had last heard,

On these beaches of old white sand.

In the bluish hue of the stormy night,

The moonlight spread its shades of white,

Creating a dim vividness,

In the silhouette of the skies.

Shuddering in the Westerly wind,

The door creaked slightly,

Drifting in at the speed of light,

A pale shadow sneaked inside!

Reminiscing the time,

Spent in the forlorn shack,

Of the empty island,

On these beaches of old white sand!


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Kunal Panda
Kunal Panda
Jun 26, 2022

beautifully written!!

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